Stiggly Holistics is a teeny business, working out of the East Village, and upstate New York's Sullivan County.  Our General Store is very little - we are dedicated to a few quality products that we use ourselves use and confidently share with our favourite people of all ages.  Sometimes we dabble in new products and one-offs, and some items we offer only seasonally (such as Pagan Puddings, only available for the holiday season).

Sometimes we have to change the oils and herbs, based on availability and changing costs.  We want to keep our pices fair and accessible, so sometimes when certain oils go waaay up in price we make a tweak here and there, never compromising quality!  

Stiggly Holistics products are all made with love - in small batches with quality organic ingredients. All of our balms are gentle and good for the whole family. We believe that what we put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what we put inside - and that we should be able to read and pronounce the ingredients.  Also we must consider the environment in all of our actions and everything we consume. 

We aren't any where near as big as Amazon :) - really we are tiny - so "free shipping" isn't something we are able to offer, however when possible we prefer local pick-ups and drop-offs to avoid packaging & shipping costs - email us directly and we can arrange that.  We also have some craft fairs coming up - we'll keep you posted on those asap!  When we do ship we are mindful to use recycled/reused materials whenever possible.  We are not currently shipping overseas due to the cost of so-doing, but if you live overseas and are fine with big shipping costs, please email us and we will arrange that.  Oh and sometimes I deliver by hand to the United Kingdom!

I don't usually deliver by wheel-barrow but hey you never know!