Autumn Cleanse & Nourish: starts 16th October 2017
three weeks of self care & good nutrition!

I love an autumn cleanse & nourish.  The air is doused with nostalgia and no matter how long ago you left the education system there is such an air of "back to school".  Squirrels are gathering nuts and preparing for the winter ahead. We dig out our jackets, we get excited about knitting, and we make pots of delicious soup!

I like to think of this fall class as a real re-set opportunity.  After the summer and before the holiday season kicks-in is a good time to reconnect with our body, mind and soul.  Time to tweak our diets, get back into a routine and apply a little self care.

You can read more about a Stiggly Cleanse & Nourish class here but the cliff notes version:

We gather in community for three weeks. The cleanse aspect is gradual, easing in with a warm up and wean off week. There are lots of delicious recipes (you won't feel deprived). The group energy is very inspiring and helps hold you up and keeps you motivated. We get to declutter and focus on our homes as well as our bodies. There is an offering to go deeper with guided journaling and meditation (optional).  And there is so much more! It's a very sustainable and informative cleanse, with the intention of being a spring board into more and more wellness.  Please drop me a line if you have any questions...

As always Stiggly Holistics offers a sliding scale. It is my intention to keep these classes available to a wide range of folks with different incomes.  You can see here what some of the offerings are for higher self-investments.  Also consider that when you pay at a higher level you are helping me to keep open the sliding scale option alive. 

Testimonials can be read here