Ink Spots Organic Tattoo Balm:


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Ink Spots Tattoo Balm was created for my beautiful sister Lottie. Her “classic sailor’s” anchor tattoo is the ispiration for the image on the lid. This balm is great for healing fresh tattoos and for maintaining vibrancy in existing tattoos.  Like most of the Stiggly balms, it works for everyone – including the non-inked folks! I like to think of Ink Spots as my "universal balm" - it’s used by those with very dry skin, and can be used as a burn lotion for minor burns or for healing small cuts.  The aromatherapy of the herbal balm can also aid a peaceful night's sleep.
Ink Spots Balm is made with a blend of organic sweet almond, coconut oil & jojoba oils – infused with organic healing herbs - lavender flowers, calendula, st. john's wort & comfrey, plus beeswax and vitamin E oil.  

And yes, the name is absolutely inspired by fabulous doo wop crooners of the 1930's and 40's of the same name!