Wellness with Stiggly

Stiggly Holistics offers individual, couples and group wellness classes & counseling, using a truly holistic approach.  As we work together we'll explore your personal relationships with food, family, intimacy, career, the environment, creativity, play, and so forth, to better help you connect with what you need for optimal wellness - and hopefully learn to love yourself a little more along the way. 

We take the concept of bio-individuality very seriously - there really is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health & wellness. 

Sacha is currently offering her initial, investigative one-on-one consulation + follow up session for just $175*.  

During this consultation (generally between 60 & 75 minutes) we will explore some of your wellness goals and get you started on your sweet wellness path. We will set some short terms goals, then have a 15 minute check-in session two weeks later as an accountability plan.

* This package value $200.

Sacha works with clients all around the world, and offers consultations both in person and on the phone/Skype.   Sign up today and we'll set up an appointment time.  You can also sign up using Chase QuickPay or by mailing a cheque... please contact us for more information:


* Those who have cleansed & nourished with me in the past six months, I am offering this package for the reduced price of $108 - an extra savings of $67!! - a bloody marvelous bargain! :)   To qualify, please email me, let me know when you took a class with me - and I will arrange special billing!  Looking forward to further nourishment with you!