'Tis the Season ....

for "Granny Jones's Famous Flamin' Pagan Pudding"!

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Based on the traditional Christmas Puddings* of the United Kingdom, this recipe takes Sacha's Granny Jones's recipe and puts a Stiggly Holistics, East Village twist on it!

*(originally this was actually a Pagan pudding, but then got taken over and called a Christmas Pudding which is how it's mostly referred..    It was a big favourite of Charles Dickens and is featured in "A Christmas Carol")

These rich, hearty ceremonial desserts are made up of fruit, nuts, spices, whiskey, rum, brown sugar, flour, butter and happy chicken eggs.  They are a labour of love, taking a couple of full days to make.  Stiggly has been carrying on this very British tradition of the flaming pudding in NYC for 25+ years now - making and selling a limited edition each year.

Granny sadly passed away last summer at the wonderfully ripe old age of 96, but she always gave two thumbs up to this Stiggly-fied Pagan Pudding - I made sure to send her one in the mail each year.  She loved having a bit of notoriety in New York City (this recipe and her Welsh cakes) and would tell her local friends all about it! This year's batch are going to be the best batch ever with Granny's spirit helping us stir in love and good vibes!  (We also enlist the love and elbow grease of good friends who stir in so much love & make beautiful wishes!)

Unlike the infamous fruit cake which often gets passed from home to home or used as a doorstop, the Pagan Pudding is incredibly moist and rich, and a little goes a long way.  Each pudding has a coin or two hidden within.  Tradition holds that the finder of the coins will enjoy good luck for the upcoming year!  Make a wish!


Puddings come in one-pint (US) sized re-usable glass bowls with lids.  We always change up the ingredients just a little bit each year to keep things interesting - depending on which fruits looks the best, what we can get organically, which holiday beers taste the most delicious each year, and just what we fancy in the moment.  All puddings contain gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts.   

Here is our ingredient list for 2016: currants, raisins, golden raisins, cranberries, brown sugar, bread crumbs, almonds, mango, figs, apricots, Fuji apples, grass fed butter, flour, pasture raised upstate NY eggs from Honey Hill Pottery, Sam Smith's Chocolate Stout, Sam Smith's Winter Welcome Ale, Callicoon Brewery's Brown Cow Porter, Southern Tier Porter, brandy, ginger, lemon & orange zest, sweet cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, baking powder, Himalayan pink salt, lots of love,  and foreign coins for good luck.  (organic ingredients when possible)

The most exciting and ritualistic thing about the Pagan Pudding is the Flaming part!  Every year we host a Winter Solstice Party and have a ceremonial lighting of the pudding.  Talk about a crowd pleaser!  Bring one to your favourite holiday event and you'll be the hit of the party!

Puddings are STILL only $30 each for pint size jar with lid.

LOCALS, please order by email, we prefer to avoid Paypal fees & packaging & shipping costs for you and for us... holistichealthnyc@gmail.com


What people are saying:

"It was like the loaves and the fishes, all eleven of us had some and declared it unbelievably delicious! And, of course, we set it on fire, twice actually :)" - Barbara G, Equinunk, PA

"My birthday is on Christmas!  In Ireland years ago I discovered that they light a cake (called pudding) on fire for Christmas....which makes that cake my perfect birthmas cake! Sacha's pagan pudding happens to be the best tasting (and cutest) pudding I have ever had!" - Karen, Eldred NY

"Just to let you know the pudding was beyond delicious and my boyfriend got all the coins...hmmmm...I think I might have a new holiday tradition to add to my collection ;)" - Michele C, NYC

"I ordered the Flaming Pudding this year, and it became a special part of our Christmas. I served it for Christmas dessert with bourbon pecan carmel sauce. Yummy - very rich and decadent! It became a very wonderful part of our celebration." - Char F, California


And here's the actual Granny Jones (rather more demure in style) and her flamin' pagan pudding:


 "In half a minute Mrs. Cratchit entered – flushed, but smiling proudly – with the pudding, like a speckled cannon-ball, so hard and firm, blazing in half of half-a-quarter of ignited brandy, and bedight with Christmas holly stuck into the top." - Charles Dickens

Granny and Sacha a little while back!

from where this all began!


Sorry we are all sold out for 2016!  Order early next year....