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Always a sliding scale!

The true cost of this class is $125+ (the value? too hard to put a $ on) ...but I offer a sliding scale to fit your budget. Please pay the amount you can afford, and that will be an investment in yourself.

For those of you who live in the United States, I always much prefer to receive payment by Venmo instead of PP, to save on fees: 


For Venmo:
pay as you wish over $49.


Thank you for the interest in a ONE WEEK Autumn Reboot nourish and cleanse class! 


We dabbled with one-week classes back in the spring and they were really popular, especially amongst the very busy and those who don't really like to commit. So we are back!


At Stiggly Holistics we are not about "quick fixes". We understand at our core, that healing takes time, and that a personal wellness-plan is an ever-evolving, life-time's work.

We need different things for different life chapters.

We have different cravings and nourishment needs depending on the season.

Our personal lives affect our wellness needs...

Bottom line, there is no such thing as "one size fits all".  


Many of you like to come back every season, or once or twice a year, or every couple of years - to reset and refresh, and I am all about that. Sometimes even the most health-conscious of the health-conscious can find that "life happens" and we get a little derailed, or wake up one day to realize we've slipped back into some habits we'd prefer not to have.


That's life when you are a human! 


And this is why I offer these re-set classes so frequently. You know, akin to the "turn it off, turn it back on again" method!


While I really like the 21-day model - (it's a good frame of time to build a habit, to allow this good stuff to become more ingrained into our day-to-day life) - over the years I've heard from lots of you, that as much as you would like to, it's just not realistic to commit to something that long. And also, many of you who've worked with me for years now, have said that you already live your life pretty much like "warm-up/wean off week", so you just want to dive right in.


And thus, I have created the one-week nourish & cleanse class. Voila! 


So this is how it's gonna work:

Please sign-up by: Tuesday 15th or Wednesday 16th October (ideally).

Semi-self-guided warm-up up week*: 17th-20th 
Get started for real: Monday 21st October, for 8 days.


* I highly recommend you sign up by October 15th or 16th - then I will send out guidelines for warming up, shopping, and prepping.


So... sign up today! (I really definitely recommend you sign up asap). And I will see you in class!

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